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“Last Resource Communication” system for military and civil organizations. Economical, infrastructure independent and secure communication network is built using civil or military radios connected with tablet computers innovatively.

„SecureChat – when command chain has to work, come hell or high water“.

LRC (Last Resource Communication) brings alternative, cost-effective and cyber secure system for national military- or civil organization´s secure digital data connection. Effective communication is a basis for every chain of command both in military as well civil defence. Vulnerable side of a long-range radio communication is a dependence on the infrastructuree.g. high antennas. In peace time lot of communications are conducted using fixed infrastructure like antennas put on the mobile mast. There lies also a great vulnerability – all the positions of the masts are known and they are easy to eliminate during crisis time.

Military has solved this problem using mobile masts, but these are easy to locate by adversary. Better option is to use satellite communication. The SATCOM equipment is currently undergoing impressive capacity and performance advances. In the same time these systems are expensive and not all countries can afford to use SATCOM at all or to have stations in the quantities needed for all levels of command.

SecureChat does not use fixed infrastructure, base stations, routing tables or preconfiguration. Our solution is simple from hardware side, but extremely clever form software. It is a infrastructure-less peer-to-peer system, that allows sending text messages and “sitrep-s” to large geographical distances even in the hottest crisis situations where the civil networks and internet are made unusable.

Secure encrypted communication network is created by combining regular radios with inexpensive tablet or notebook computers in the innovative way and using SecureChat software. The network is self-configuring and detects automatically not working radios. As it is independent and works without any fixed infrastructure, it is virtually impossible to be taken down. Even if some frequencies are jammed, the SecureChat chooses another frequency in the network to transfer the messages.

The operating principle of SecureChat system is as follows: the sender writes a text message (up to 400 signs) using a tablet or a laptop with SecureChat software. The software configures the message into an encrypted data stream, which is transferred via a special a modem, which is connected into a USB port and cable to radio station.

The receiving radio station transfers the data stream via a SecureChat modem into its computer where the message is decrypted into a readable text message. If there is no direct link between the sender and the receiver the SecureChat software uses all the radios in the network which are situated between the sender and the receiver as relay stations. The message jumps from station to station guided by the SecureChat Artificial Intelligence (AI) routing algorithm (patents pending) and in few seconds the message reaches its destination. If any radio in the way is switched off or into voice mode, the algorithm finds another path to receiver.

As long as there are radios in the network the messages get sent. Every radio, handheld or mobile, is a receiver, relay and basestation that could be used in transferring the message.

The system can be used with modern military radios, with old radios, or even with cheap civilian walkie-talkies. The user does not have to buy a new set of radios. SecureChat can be configured to use the type of radios that are in service and the soldiers are familiar with. Due to that and the user-friendly interface the learning curve for an average user is less than an hour and for most who are familiar with tablet computers it is literally in minutes.

SecureChat does not replace the existing communication systems and it does not compete with all the high-tech systems. SecureChat is not designed to send large quantities of data. It is designed to use existing radio networks to get the message through to all who need it as long as they are in the network. It is an additional capability that is simple and works also in the crisis time in situations where peace-time secure communication is hampered by technical problems. SecureChat does do it reliably and cost-effectively.

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