Uniraja Ltd. is a technology and IP development company for Johannes Väänänen’s inventions and visions. Founded in Finland 2003 the company resides in Estonia since 2010 with headquarters in Tallinn, the capital of the country. Uniraja has partner offices in Finland, Helsinki and Oulu, as well as in Budapest, Hungary.

The Väänänen Industries Company

Johannes Väänänen is the man behind some of the most influential inventions of the modern age; the modern smart phone user interface (swipe, auto-orientation, qwerty touch screen before iPhone), motion controlled gaming (swing and play before Nintendo Wii), and more recently, IoT meshing for secure military communication.

Uniraja’s Goal

Uniraja’s focus is to develop and spin off technologies that will change the world – just like the modern smart phone did. As a supporting business, Uniraja provides IoT meshing technology and sensor technology to some selected partners to help fulfill company’s goal in penetrating the world with “better, smoother, faster” technologies.